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Serenity Package

$ 12

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Mindful Explorer

$ 27

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Inner Peace Retreat

$ 49

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Where achievement takes the spotlight, we can tailor our skills to meet your needs.

Living Essentials

Discover Tranquility

Explore our collection of meditation essentials, including comfortable cushions, soothing incense, and healing crystals, perfect for creating a sacred space for quiet reflection and contemplation. Delight your senses with our selection of aromatic teas, artisanal candles.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the ages with our library of books on Buddhist philosophy, meditation techniques, and mindfulness practices, authored by esteemed scholars and practitioners from around the world.


This statue depicts the Buddha deep

$ 30

Wooden Statue

Gentle presence offering solace

$ 48

Bronze Statue

Radiates positivity and abundance

$ 68

Cedar Wood

Four arms symbolizing wisdom, strength

$ 89

Painted Wood

Blessings and spiritual purification

$ 30

Strive For Perfection

Journey to Inner Peace

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner peace with Zen Pathways. Our sanctuary offers a refuge from the chaos of modern life, providing guidance, wisdom.

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Meditation Mastery

Unlock the secrets of mindfulness with our Meditation Mastery

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Expert Guidance

Join our Enlightened Community and become part of a supportive

Discover peace at our Buddhist center. Learn meditation, find wisdom, and join our community on the path to enlightenment.

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